Saturday, March 21, 2009

Getting So Big

It's been almost 2 months since my last post, and my how much has changed with my children. Koralee is almost crawling. She can do circles around the house scooting backwards, but still hasn't perfected moving forward. Babysitter told me today that she saw her crawl, though, so I'm sure it will be soon. She is saying mama and dada everyday, which is just so cute.

Koralee really prefers to walk around the house being held up. Loves to play at Nevaeh's play kitchen. Always has to have her hands on something. I already know she is going to be a very curious little girl just like her mother was (good, and bad).

Nevaeh is talking up a storm. We are starting to get "talking back" when we tell her to do things. Everytime we tell her to do something, the response is a very whiny "what???" I think she is going to start getting spanked real soon for it. Considering she really wasn't even talking at the age of 2, we always thought in the back of our heads that when she does start talking it would be in full sentences. And that's pretty much what happened. Now she is saying 4 syllable words and full sentences all the time, and we can understand most of what she is saying.

"Curus Judge" (Curious George) and "Thomas Jerry" (Tom and Jerry - I think she calls it Thomas Jerry because of Thomas the Train) have become favorites in our house. And yes, it is the Tom and Jerry video from our childhood that she loves. Nevaeh also has a little Christian CD she got from her friend Zoe at her 2nd b-day party that has been bumping in our house daily. It has the song "Wade in the Water" and Nevaeh loves to sing the part about "God's gonna trouble the water". It's so cute. "This Little Light of Mine" is also on there. I don't know if my siblings remember singing this at Sunday School when we were little, but we held our finger up like a light while singing, covered it with our hand on the 2nd verse (hide it under a bushel) and then blow on our finger (don't let satan blow it out). She does the whole thing and makes sure I am doing the actions and singing with her. It's so fun.

On a down side, my husband and I had to fork out over $3,000 to fix our sewage system this week, so we are a little hurt right now. Please pray for our finances and that we can be responsible with our money in these hard times.

Other than that, we had a blast hanging out with the fam two weekends ago and helped Rod and Annie on their new house! I can't wait until they are all moved in and we can come over and spend the day playing in Bern. We hope to see you all soon over Easter. Love you all.

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R and L Farwell said...

Wow! I wish I could write as much as you do, and I am so glad that you did! I cannot believe that Koko is TALKING!!! Give the girls plenty of hugs and kisses from Aunt Annie!