Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorry so slow...

I know it's been over a month since I last posted. Last pics were from Thanksgiving. So much has changed! We had a wonderful Christmas back home in Bern, Kansas with the entire Farwell clan. 7 Farwell grandkids is such a blessing. I pray that we can continue wonderful family gatherings for years to come.

My how the girls are changing. Unlike Kenton, Nevaeh is a little more stubborn with the potty. Maybe I need to try the colored marshmallows instead of a sucker. She has gone pee-pee on the potty a grand total of 2 times (over about a 4 month period). I think it only happens because the seat is so cold when she sits down. She was pretty proud of herself yesterday when it happened though. She was doing it when I was getting home from work in the morning so I didn't get to see her do it, but she wanted me to go pee-pee then right after her. I went pee-pee for her and got an enthusiastic "Good job mommy!" after I was done. It was too cute.

Koralee, Koralee, Koralee. What an individual. She is quite the sassy little girl already. Gets extremely frustrated and screams loud if we take something away she wants to play with and put in her mouth (ex - TV remote). It's almost funny to see the look of desperation on her face when crying. She is also starting to get up on all fours, so maybe crawling soon? She has been sitting up on her own for a while now, and can now get herself from sitting to belly, just not back up. She will also stand at the coffee table for as long as you will sit there with her. Does not need held up at all, just needs assistance with balance if she lets her hands off the table. Can you believe that she is going to be 6 months soon?!? That means that the other Farwell grandbabies are going to be 1 soon. I cannot believe how fast all this is happening.

Well, as soon as I have some open hands and I'm not sleeping, I hope to get some pictures posted. I know they have changed immensely since the last pics I posted. Koralee officially has a fro and is requiring "ethnic" hair products. I was unaware of how bad Johnson's shampoo is for infants. It worked fine for Nevaeh, but apparently it really drys out baby's hair. Found out through the grapevine and through experience now. I'm hoping to get it under control so she won't have to sport an extremely frizzy, sticking-up/out hair-do. Anyway, keep checking for pics. Hopefully will get them up within the week.