Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comparing our Girls





After looking at several pictures of Koralee, we found ourselves often saying, "That looks just like that picture of Nevaeh". We decided to post a few to see what you all thought.

Friday, August 29, 2008

I love my new belt!

Nevaeh woke up this morning and saw this belt in her closet. She insisted on wearing it all day, even during nap time. After she woke up, with her nap hair might I add, she just looked too cute. She would put her hands on her hips and smile. Notice her "cheeeeese" for the camera. The big dog was a gift for Koralee. We now have a giant dog and a giant pink bunny.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

Monday was a rough day. I sent Nevaeh to the sitter so that I could hopefully get cleaning done. Koralee and I slept in for a couple of hours in the morning. Then, she was extremely gassy and fussy all afternoon. She wanted to eat about 4 hours straight in the evening, so we finally had to supplement with formula. Looking back, I was frustrated and I think she could sense that about me. Yesterday and today were much better. I changed my attitude and dranks LOTS of water and milk, and really spent time walking/burping her. I felt better because my attitude had changed, and therefore she had better days as well. I even got her back down for a nap and was able to sweep and hand-wash all my floors today. What a blessing. Just another thing that I need to be aware of about myself daily. My attitude and behavior is so important around my children.

Last evening, she slept and slept and didn't want to wake up. She could only take so much of me messing with her before she finally had to get up and eat, just to return to bed again. Here are a couple of pictures of her from last night. She is getting so big already!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Girls

Our two beautiful daughters. As the days go on, we are seeing more and more differences between the two. Nevaeh is a wonderful big sister. Always wanting to help out with everything. She also has been a big help for me. She enjoys helping with the dishes, laundry, and cleaning/dusting. I wonder how long that lasts?

As you will see, the dates on our pictures is wrong as the camera was set wrong. Sorry about any confusion.

Happy After Eating

Any comparison to Brenna's smiling face? Koralee often gives me huge grins after eating. She will be half asleep, open her eyes and see me, give me a big smile, and then roll her eyes back again. Over and over until she finally falls asleep.

Big Girl!

At our two week appointment, Koralee was already 8 lb. 6.9 oz. She gained almost 2 pounds since she left the hospital. It seems like everyday she is getting fatter and fatter. She is starting to sleep better throughout the night. Grandma Farwell was here this past week and helped out immensely.