Monday, May 4, 2009

9 Months Already!

It's official. Our little girl has been out as long as she's been in. Our lives have changed drastically in the last few months. Days are going by faster, nights are getting shorter. But watching Koralee blossom into the precious child she is has been amazing and we wouldn't change a thing about it.

We had our 9 month appointment on Friday and she was 28 3/4" tall and 19lb. 6.6 oz. Still 90's% for height and 70's% for weight. She's about 5 lb. shy of Nevaeh already. What's funny is that this morning at work, I gave report to a day shift charge nurse who had a baby boy 4 mo. ago. I asked how big he was and she told me "Oh, about 19 lb. He's a tank." I was shocked. 4 months old and already weighs what Koralee weighs.

Sorry, but can't find the camera right now otherwise their would be pics to go with this, but hopefully I can get another post done soon. Right now, off for bed. Been up since yesterday morning.