Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Looking Older By the Day

Here's my sweet hubby with his KoKo Bean. I just love the fact that my girls are daddy's girls.

Three years ago this picture had a lot less people. We have acquired such wonderful, happy little blessings. I know most of you, if you check my siblings blogs, have seen some of these Christmas pictures.

But I just love the expressions on everyone's faces, so I just had to post them. Aren't Grandma and Grandpa Farwell glowing! I remember Blake squirming around before the picture was taken and then cracking up laughing every time we took a picture. What a clown.

I can tell these 7 kids are going to be ripping and running through G&G's house by Christmas 2009.

Koralee got some cool shades for Christmas. Of course they are Nevaeh's, too.

Nevaeh and Koralee got matching jammies identical to Brenna, Malia, and Josie's. What a great gift from G&G. Sure will be cute next gathering.

Nevaeh's favorite new snack is "poptorn". We get free popcorn at work on Friday nights, so I had been bringing some home. She can eat a whole bag herself.

Kristy (our babysitter) and Becky (my best friend) both got Nevaeh some sort of Princess gear. Tiara and all. There is also a pink skirt and top that match. She also got pretty princess jammies with slippers. She likes to dance around like a ballerina, pointing her toes and twirling, and most of the time it is to the Curious George theme song. We bought her a DVD and so now that is the
only cartoon she wants to watch.

Often I will come in the room and Nevaeh has crowned Queen KoKo, again. And Koralee sits there like she knows it.

The pic of Koralee with her favorite little orange monkey chew toy is my all-time favorite. The monkey is a little crusty right now and needs washed.

The pic of both of the girls was from this morning. They were holding hands right up to the picture being taken. Koralee is so long. Nevaeh is going to be the little one in a few years.

And then of course my daughter, the future scrub nurse, as my fellow co-workers say.


Paprika said...

What cuties!!! I miss those girls. I too, love the expressions on mom and dad's faces. :)

R and L Farwell said...

Wow! They sure have changed since Christmas! I know I keep saying we all need to get together soon, I guess I should just get on planning something!

Gma Farwell said...

Oh, Dana, these pictures are so fun to look at. Agree with you about the orange monkey picture, love the expression on Koralee's face.

Doamna said...

Love, love, LOVE these photos!!!