Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our First Halloween

I have always worked on the previous Halloweens, so this was our first outing as a family on Halloween. Nevaeh was a 'Pumpkin Cutie Pie', Shun ended up who we think looked like Kimbo Slice, and I was a punk rocker. Koralee just 'wanted her mummy'. We went to Mall-o-ween at West Ridge Mall and then headed to a Trunk or Treat at a local church. Afterward we headed to my work and met up with some other kids dressed up. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, but it was a long night. We were all very tuckered out by the end of it.

This first pic is Nevaeh trying on mommy's Halloween wig. Don't think she can sport the mullet.

This next picture is Nevaeh getting her face painted by Daddy. She had black triangles around her eyes and a green nose. Most of it was wiped off by the time we got to the mall.

Koralee's shirt says: "I want my mummy". She got called a boy all night.

Daddy's wig and beard/mustache. Isn't he one fine lookin' man.

And finally, Mommy and Nevaeh at the mall. Koralee pretty much slept through the entire mall, which was nice.

That's all for Halloween 2008. We sure did have fun, but I hope that someday I can take my children trick or treating around the country where I grew up. It sure would be a hassle right now with the car seats, but I remember loving driving around to all the neighbor's houses and walking up to their front doors, looking out for dogs. Some people had the same candy every year. I wonder if they would still have the same candy now if I brought my kids?


R and L Farwell said...

LOL those are some AWESOME costumes! The girls look pretty cute but Shun might have them beat!

Paprika said...

Shun's was the BEST!! Everyone looks adorable. Koralee is HUGE!

R and L Farwell said...

You guys are so good to dress up with your kids! I plan on doing so once Kenton can realize it. It makes it so much more fun for them. The girls were TOO CUTE! And you guys definitely made me chuckle! ~Annie

The Farwells said...

Cute little pumpkin! Shun's costume made us laugh so hard!!! =)

Emily said...

Looks like fun! I love the costumes!!! Oh, I changed oue blog address to

Bunny said...

Such cute pics! Jon really liked Shun's costume. And I've got to find a wig like yours Dana! Fun... We trick or treated around the block, and the kids enjoyed it immensely.

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